Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Michael you've done it AGAIN

So it all really started with a search for a pair of ankle boots I saw in store I will not name Because the boot is obsolete now. I finally waited until I was able to collect coupons and rewards. And was going to apply them to the purchase and poof be gone the boot is no longer available.
Most of the time that’s why I just buy it so I’m not on the hunt for a wardrobe essential. But unfortunately for me not until weeks later I remembered the boots and said to myself “I need those boots!”
So as I was strolling the mall and stumbled upon the Michael Kors store. I saw my new obsession!
The Michael Kors “Rock 'n' Roll” boots. They are bad ass. I have this thing for studs lately. This has
definitely made me fight the urge not to bedazzle aka stud all of my shoes. I will definitely keep my
eye out of these babies. I could really do some damage in these boots. I did not try them them on with fear that I would buy these boots and the the salesman wouldn’t be able to pry them off of my size 8 foot!
Luckily for me since I live in San Diego they will stay preserved and not damage by snow or salt rocks. What should I do? Buy them or keep dreaming?

Help me!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dolce Vita! New Arrivals

I've loved Dolce Vita Shoes for a long time. I don't own a pair. Unfornately everytime I got to buy a pair of shoes I like they are out of my size at other shoe stores. But now I've noticed Dolce Vita has clothing!!! Umm where have I been. Their clothes definitely matches the style of their shoes. When I see the shoes I picture a certain outfit in my head. Looking at the new arrivals on dolcevita.com is a mirror image of what came from my imagination! Check out the wonderful world of shoes and clothing below!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

UK Style by French Connection

   I was out shopping for a mother days gift at UTC in La Jolla. I parked near the Sears and walked through. After my quick little shopping trip was over I had to walk back through Sears. Then I stumbled upon the
UK Style by French Connection. Its a line thats exclusively sold at Sears. This was the first time I had seen the clothing line. I've always loved French Connections clothing. I was introduced to FC by a good friend of mine. But the prices were not in my range. So when I saw this line. I was very impressed. I saw a pair pants. I've been looking a cute pair of Audrey Hepburn esq cigarette pants. I decided to try on them on. They fit like a glove. I really love them. I ended up buying them asap. I can't wait to wear these pants. You wear them with heels, sneakers, flats, sandals. Whatever! They also had a ton of great looking dresses. I almost went a little crazy in there. Luckily I had to leave because I had somewhere else to go. But I'm definitely driving back up there to through try on the rest of the line. Here are the pants and a cute pic of Audrey. Just love her.

Petite French Pant

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