Friday, January 22, 2010

My love for Gray! Bobino Pumps

Trend reports say that Gray is the new color on the radar. I've been into gray probably for almost two years. Its a simple basic color that gets over looked. I love sheer gray blouses. I only have one. I purchased it back when that whole victorian blouse phenomenon happened almost two to three years ago. Besides that I have a gray tank, gray kensie sweater jacket(I'm wearing it now), gray vest by H&M, gray leggings, and a gray striped shirt that looks awesome with a white or black jacket. So all i need is gray boots which I have been longing for since two years ago. I'm not sure if I would really wear them that often so thats why I haven't purchased any yet. Although I'm trying to stop shopping. These pumps were on sale for $25 bucks. I got additional 30 to 40% off plus free shipping. Amazing! I couln't help myself. I wore them out recently and forgot to take a head to toe picture. Well maybe I have one. I will have to double check. They went great with my fit. Definitely a dinner, work, or not a lot of walking shoe. Unfortunately for me I had to walk five blocks to my car in these shoes and plus I was standing all night, well dancing little two.Plus I had to use my Dr. Scholl inserts since my left foot runs a little small. The inserts were the ones for the ball of your foot. Depending on your foot structure these may or may not work for you. But despsite all of that I love them, especially for the price. But for future no more buying potentially uncomforable shoes its so hard becuase you want all of your shoes to be versatile for different outfits. So they are comfortable in certain situations. I'm trying to do better. Anywho!, what do you guys think?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Staying Classy at Lavo in Vegas baby!

"Yes I went to Vegas again!" Its one of my favorite places to go!
 It was sort of a last minute trip kind of! But needless to say I fought the logic and went anyway! I had a great time with my girlfriends. I also had to fight the urge to fall into the skimpy ultra crazy Vegas fashion that circles every club like vultures over a carcass. This was one of the quick go to outfits I picked out. Luckily these items caught my eye when I had to make a return at Forever 21. This whole outfit is under $100 bucks. I wanted to wear nothing but one pieces on my Vegas trip but this skirt caught my eye. I wish they had a dress made out of this print. I love it! The skirt really reminded me of XS nightclub at the Wynn in Las Vegas. I've been there once before and its amazing! But I wore this outfit at Lavo at The Palazzo.

Tank Top-Forever 21-$4.50
Rose Belt-Wet Seal-$9.99
Skirt-Forever 21-$11.50