Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why do girls in California wear boots in warm weather?

My best friend, Shalaurey Jones, who currently lives in Chicago was in
California visiting family. I had driven out to Orange County to see
visit her at the time. I can't remember where we were exactly but she
made a comment saying "...these Cali girls kill me wearing boots and
it not hot outside." u laughed at her comment because I though the
same thing when I first moved to Cali. Well unfortunately for us that
reside in California we never really have Ice cold temperatures that
would permit us to wear boots. We simply love the style. I personally
love dressing up in winter clothes. I love layering. When I go back
home to Chicago it's my chance to wear shirts with vest and sweaters
with a jacket and a coat with tights and boots then a scarf and gloves
and fabulous huge bag. Then of course I'm still freezing my ass off!
But the look is so city! It's fun and allows you to pair things up for
warmth and style. "Us" Californians simply can not let the newly
crowned "it" boots pass us by for that one month the weather might hit
under 60 degrees. Plus most of the boots that I love would b destroyed
if the were subjected to ice cold temperature, snow and constant wear
and tear. When I invest in boots I want them to last forever!!! Here
is a couple of my favorite boots I saw on It's my new
favorite site for inexpensive shoes. I recently purchased the black
boots int he middle. I haven't worn them yet but I will post pictures
when I do!

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's sequin time!

I'm in Vegas again! Vegas makes me think of bright lights, glitz and glamour! While I had some down time I got a little inspired to put together this collage. I knew where to find all of these clothes! I went directly to I love this store. You can find anything and everything to complete your wardrobe. Browsing through this website makes my shopping tendencies come back into full effect! As I was putting these gorgeous pieces together I felt like something
was missing! I started to think about what girl(besides myself) would wear this outfit? Ding ding! Kerry Washington! I love everything she wears. Kudos to her stylist!