Friday, August 20, 2010


It’s hard when you work in a professional environment to find the outfit that shows some of your personal style. Since I completely into the fashion world, Sometimes I want to come to work in some crazy stuff that’s not appropriate.

I wear my clothes by how accessible they are to me at the time, functionality, comfort and style. My office doesn’t require us to wear ultra professional attire. We are the “business casual” office. Although we have standards compared to other offices I’ve seen. We might wear flip flops on A casual day but at least we don’t wear the surfer cut off shorts with a sweat shirt.

Since I seem to be the little fashionista of my office I feel the need to turn down the volume on my style. Sometimes I don’t like too much attention. But what the hell, Since I’m starting a new chapter of my life which is going back to school. And since it’s a fashion school, I’m gonna do me. But until I figure out me, Here is one of my work ensembles.

Jacket- INC-$25
Shirt-Faded Glory-$10
Pants-New York & Company-$25
Ring-Internatioal Food Fair OC-$20

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nude and Brown Colors-Inspired!

Nude and Brown Inspiration

I’ve been using Bobbi Brown makeup for the longest time. I remember my dads girlfriend at the time, took me with her to the Nordstrom beauty department when I was 16 years old. I got a mini makeover. It was so beautiful. I feel in love with the fresh face look. It’s the everyday wear or I want to look like I’ve had ten hours of sleep look. Every since then I must admit I’ve been a little stuck in the makeup dept. But I’ve adjusted it a little and have tried to experiment with different colors. Bobbi Brown makes the most beautiful palettes. It’s like an artist color palette. Just looking at the colors gives me inspiration for everything. I’m constantly getting inspired so I try to log the information. This time I wanted to incorporate this palette into an outfit. I wanted to transform this palette into something I could wear. Seems easy right? It is. I was in downtown San Diego browsing through the clearance and discount racks with a friend. I stumbled upon this Silence and Noise dress. First of all I love Silence and Noise brand. If I had the money I would buy everything they produced. The colors in the dress are amazing. It’s the perfect I got get out of the house in ten minutes to go out dress. The cut is really sexy. If you have curves you can the pull dress back a little at the neckline and this will allow it to drape beautifully in the back. So it will be a tad bit shorter. But who cares. To top off my inspiration I included these beautiful Calvin Klein shoes. They are a brown metallic color. Very simple but sexy. Plus they have a rubber sole for traction. Love that! Check out the palette that inspired my outfit below. What do you think?

Monday, August 16, 2010

They're Here!!!

They are here and I love them! Let me give you a little history on these shoes. My good friend has these shoes for a few years. I tried them on. I absolutely loved the way they looked and felt on my feet. I kept trying to find alternatives because I was being cheap. But nothing came close to the original. I adore these Berkeley T-Strap by Michael Kors. I even posted a blurp about them maybe last year on this blog. They are the perfect match between classic and trendy. One, the t-strap is very classic. Then we have trendy, the design with the straps resembles the gladiator heel but it’s more refined. The gold zipper in the front gives it a little edge. But we’ve seen so many shoes and garments accented with zippers these past seasons. I love things with zippers. It just gives clothes, shoes and accessories that extra padow! Then we have the patent black material, which is a mix of classic and trendy. Black patent hit us hard these past few seasons and its probably not going away for awhile. My Berkley T-Straps have been to San Diego Gaslamp, Las Vegas and LA. They will definitely travel with me to more upcoming trips. I love these so much, I feel like ordering an extra pair as a backup. My boyfriend is known to do this with linen shirts that fit him perfectly. These shoes go with everything. These are my go to shoes. I have never been more excited to wear a pair shoes ever.