Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nude and Brown Colors-Inspired!

Nude and Brown Inspiration

I’ve been using Bobbi Brown makeup for the longest time. I remember my dads girlfriend at the time, took me with her to the Nordstrom beauty department when I was 16 years old. I got a mini makeover. It was so beautiful. I feel in love with the fresh face look. It’s the everyday wear or I want to look like I’ve had ten hours of sleep look. Every since then I must admit I’ve been a little stuck in the makeup dept. But I’ve adjusted it a little and have tried to experiment with different colors. Bobbi Brown makes the most beautiful palettes. It’s like an artist color palette. Just looking at the colors gives me inspiration for everything. I’m constantly getting inspired so I try to log the information. This time I wanted to incorporate this palette into an outfit. I wanted to transform this palette into something I could wear. Seems easy right? It is. I was in downtown San Diego browsing through the clearance and discount racks with a friend. I stumbled upon this Silence and Noise dress. First of all I love Silence and Noise brand. If I had the money I would buy everything they produced. The colors in the dress are amazing. It’s the perfect I got get out of the house in ten minutes to go out dress. The cut is really sexy. If you have curves you can the pull dress back a little at the neckline and this will allow it to drape beautifully in the back. So it will be a tad bit shorter. But who cares. To top off my inspiration I included these beautiful Calvin Klein shoes. They are a brown metallic color. Very simple but sexy. Plus they have a rubber sole for traction. Love that! Check out the palette that inspired my outfit below. What do you think?


  1. That dress is FABULOUS! And I want to thank you so much for your sweet comment about my interview on Modly Chic. Have a great Tuesday!

  2. I think so too. I should wear it more often.
    Your welcome. It was a great rea. :-)

  3. I agree, I love bobbi brown makeup! Sooo goood & that dress is adorable hun!!

  4. Katie- I love their lip gloss in the honey color. Its a great nude that just makes your lips pop. Thanks for the comment!


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