Monday, August 16, 2010

They're Here!!!

They are here and I love them! Let me give you a little history on these shoes. My good friend has these shoes for a few years. I tried them on. I absolutely loved the way they looked and felt on my feet. I kept trying to find alternatives because I was being cheap. But nothing came close to the original. I adore these Berkeley T-Strap by Michael Kors. I even posted a blurp about them maybe last year on this blog. They are the perfect match between classic and trendy. One, the t-strap is very classic. Then we have trendy, the design with the straps resembles the gladiator heel but it’s more refined. The gold zipper in the front gives it a little edge. But we’ve seen so many shoes and garments accented with zippers these past seasons. I love things with zippers. It just gives clothes, shoes and accessories that extra padow! Then we have the patent black material, which is a mix of classic and trendy. Black patent hit us hard these past few seasons and its probably not going away for awhile. My Berkley T-Straps have been to San Diego Gaslamp, Las Vegas and LA. They will definitely travel with me to more upcoming trips. I love these so much, I feel like ordering an extra pair as a backup. My boyfriend is known to do this with linen shirts that fit him perfectly. These shoes go with everything. These are my go to shoes. I have never been more excited to wear a pair shoes ever.

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