Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feminine Soft Color: Nicole OPI Play Fair

I was in Target last weekend. Looking around. I always ahve to stop by the cosmetics area just in case some new cool makeup has arrived. I walked by the Nicole OPI section and saw this color jump out at me. I'm a closet nail polish junky. I have a plastic shoe box full of nail polish. I probably will never finish any of the bottles but thats okay. It took me a fews days to try it on. The first coat is very sheer. So I had to apply a second one. I love this color. Its like blush for your nails. Its a barely there color but so feminine and soft at the same time. I might have to wear this all summer long. I'm really liking this one! :-) Normally I wear a polish and its coming off like the next day. But even with cooking, cleaning,etc. This polish has not come off. There is tiny tiny chipping but nothing major. I didn't even put on a top coat.  See this is a day two photo. I all I need is the perfect outift to go with this gorgeous color.


  1. Hey thanks for visiting my blog :)
    great nail polish

  2. i love the cute names for OPI polishes. so this is 2 coats? yeah it is very sheer, but i kinda like it.

  3. Very nice colour! Have a lovely wknd xx

  4. i have a similar color on my nails now...opi do you lilac it!

  5. Sizzling blog lady! Looooove your posts on all this warm weather we've been blessed with. Its been inspiring me too:

    keep the fab train going. choo!choo!
    mademoiselle isabelle

  6. Yes two coats, only if you want more color.
    Thanks for the comments ladies. :-)

  7. that's a lovely feminine color you have there!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  8. I'm a nail polish junkie too :) I need more colors, love yours

  9. that's lovely!


    PS: Maybe you wanna check out the new blog my friend and I made. It's everything NYC and more!

  10. @Inked Yeah for nail junkies. I just used another awesome OPI color when I went to Vegas. I will post that soon too.


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