Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm dreaming about it-Zaza

I saw these shoes by Steve Madden Luxe in DSW. They are called Zaza. I love them so much! They are completely out of my price range. So I have not purchased these shoes. But I tried them on. Surprisingly they are sturdy and comfortable.The beautiful patent leather and faux snake merges together perfectly. I've googled these shoes and no one else is selling them but DSW. Keep an eye out for a cheaper price and contact me immediately!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Catch of the day-Viscose Scarfs

Lately scarfs have been seen on everyone from rappers to actors. We've all worn them mostly to keep warm. Not until last winter there were more gauze like scarfs appearing everywhere. Since I live in Cali. There is no need for a thick scarf. The gauze like material scarfs are for me. The first one that I received was from forever 21. It was like $8.00. I recently strolled into Walmart to get tolietries and black socks. This is when a spotted their scarf section. They had quite a few to pick from. The two I purchased was a grey and magenta scarf. The material is Viscose. Its extremely soft and light weight. They were only $5.00 a pop! Unfortunately they aren't listing these scarf/wraps online. Its only inside stores. Although this trend will probably be over soon. These scarfs are labeled as wraps. So they be can be used all year around. They are big enough to use as sarongs. The greatest accessory is when you can use it in multiple ways for years to come. Behold the catch of the day.

My Shopping List

The items under my shopping list. Are things that I need, want and desire to be in my wardrobe. I've had a running list of items for the past year. This way when I go shopping I'm getting items that I really want. I don't know how many times I went shopping with a specific item in mind. Then never come home with it because I was distracted by other fabulous items or just forgot. Here is the first My Shopping List blog. The most recent item I've purchased is a The Sak Ashbury small shopper in teak. I've been wanting a brown leather bag for the past year. I finally found it in Marshall's. There were countless hours searching online for an affordable bag. I didn't have the nerve to spend over one hundred dollars. So i kept loosing items in my shopping cart on various online stores because i was being too cheap. With frustration and not trying to spend $100+ on a bag. I went to Marshall's and saw The Sak bag for $69.99. Its regular price is $149.99. The Sak bag was competing with an Elliot Lucca Maxfield tote. But the tote was $149.99. Me being cheap and on a budget I went with the $69.99 bag. I love it! Its everyday bag. That resembles the 1970s hobo bag that I love. It still smells like a freshly manufactured leather bag.

About Fashion Train

I'm obsessed with fashion! I look through fashion magazines daily. I'm constantly thinking of outfits to wear even when I have no where to go. In order for me to not be in a enormous amount of debt, this is my way of expressing my love for clothes, shoes, bags and accessories without buying everything! Its time to ride on the fashion train!!!