Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Shopping List

The items under my shopping list. Are things that I need, want and desire to be in my wardrobe. I've had a running list of items for the past year. This way when I go shopping I'm getting items that I really want. I don't know how many times I went shopping with a specific item in mind. Then never come home with it because I was distracted by other fabulous items or just forgot. Here is the first My Shopping List blog. The most recent item I've purchased is a The Sak Ashbury small shopper in teak. I've been wanting a brown leather bag for the past year. I finally found it in Marshall's. There were countless hours searching online for an affordable bag. I didn't have the nerve to spend over one hundred dollars. So i kept loosing items in my shopping cart on various online stores because i was being too cheap. With frustration and not trying to spend $100+ on a bag. I went to Marshall's and saw The Sak bag for $69.99. Its regular price is $149.99. The Sak bag was competing with an Elliot Lucca Maxfield tote. But the tote was $149.99. Me being cheap and on a budget I went with the $69.99 bag. I love it! Its everyday bag. That resembles the 1970s hobo bag that I love. It still smells like a freshly manufactured leather bag.

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