Thursday, November 12, 2009

Up up and Beret!

I'm not a big hat person although I do own hats. I honestly wear hats probably like 5 to 10 times a year which isn't alot. But I keep them around as apart of my growing accessory bin. I recently went to forever 21 and purchase to cute knit berets. One in charcoal gray(to the left) and the exact same style in mustard. I've already worn both. They are absolutely adorable. I'm loving these sequined berets to left as well. Those can definietely be worn out to drinks or a date. They add a touch of glamour to a day or evening look. They are all under $10.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Green Nail Polish? Yes!

Green is my new favorite color! Green the color of money, grass,
trees, Christmas trees, freeway signs! I recently purchased an emerald
green nail polish. I love it! It's a little different and I was
skeptical at polishing my nails this color but I'm into it now. People
will look twice at your nails because they aren't expecting to see.
I'm thinking about a greenish torquiose sparkly color by Finger Paints
which is one of my favorite brands along with China Glaze and OPI. The
color above is apart of the Espana collection by OPI. I definitely
like these dark colors for the fall and winter. I try these colors and
don't like them there is always nail polish remover, a receipt to
return the nail polish or pass it along to a friend.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Its Cocktail Time!!!

Its Cocktail Time!!!
by Shaunese Crockett
I've really been into rings lately. Rings bring just an added touch of glamour to your outfit. It definitely brings attention to a well done manicure or accents a pretty nail color. Its like finishing touches on a red velvet cake.
Silvertone Antiqued Cocktail Ring

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes
By Shaunese Crockett

I was so excited for Halloween this year. Normally I don’t get that into Halloween. But its purely dress up time for me. I was able to wear fake eyelashes, a phony ponytail and a fierce Star Trek uniform. I kept thinking about who I was going to be for Halloween. Then Uhura from Star Trek just popped into my mind. Well more like”Babe who is the black girl in Star Trek movie, what is the characters name?” I wasn’t a big Star Trek fan before but I loved the movie. Here is how my costume turned out. I love it!

And I Creep!

And I Creep

by Shaunese Crockett

I've recently been creeping around Burlington Coat Factory. It all started when I came back from Vegas. And stopped off in Ontario Mills Mall. I had driven about four hours and needed to stretch my legs. Plus we needed bathroom breaks. I purchased a cute vest for my little sister. A cute bomber jacket and Carlos Santana heels. I got home tried to wear the shoes out and they didn't fit snug enough. There was no strap on the heel so I guess my ankes weren't big enough to keep the shoe on sadly. Because I loved this shoe. I have a local BCF in my neighborhood. I decided one long day after work to stop in and browse around. To my surprise Burlington's buyers have definitely stepped their game up tremnedously. My passion is handbags! I love them because I carry my life around in purses. Although I tried the new trend with the small crossbody bags. Which are awesome for summer because they are light and heavy. But now I want that big comfy bag around me. They had Jessica Simpson, BCBG, Maxx New York, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Dereon, Liz Clairborne and more brands I can't remember. Then I stumbled over the clothing section. There was Juicy Courture, Romeo & Juiliet, DKNY, Michael Kors, Anne Klein, Calvin Klein, Free People, Rock and Republic, etc. The list goes on and on! Its one section that is seriously like a mini fashion boutique. The Juicy Couture dress was orginally for $350 it was marked down to $99.99. You can't beat that at all. Here are some of the items I snagged. But mustered up the will power to leave them behind. I have all these items in already but in different colors. Its my style so I tend repeat and buy the things that work for me. Check them out below. Should I have gotten them???

Romeo and Juliet: Sequin Gray Tank Top


Textured Graphic Leggings in Black and Silver

Sasha Grey Faux Shopper Handbag with Chain


House of Dereon Faux Croc Black and Grey Handbag