Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Green Nail Polish? Yes!

Green is my new favorite color! Green the color of money, grass,
trees, Christmas trees, freeway signs! I recently purchased an emerald
green nail polish. I love it! It's a little different and I was
skeptical at polishing my nails this color but I'm into it now. People
will look twice at your nails because they aren't expecting to see.
I'm thinking about a greenish torquiose sparkly color by Finger Paints
which is one of my favorite brands along with China Glaze and OPI. The
color above is apart of the Espana collection by OPI. I definitely
like these dark colors for the fall and winter. I try these colors and
don't like them there is always nail polish remover, a receipt to
return the nail polish or pass it along to a friend.

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  1. my friend was just talking to me about the chanel jade green polish. have you seen it? it's really pretty.


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