Sunday, January 11, 2009

Catch of the day-Viscose Scarfs

Lately scarfs have been seen on everyone from rappers to actors. We've all worn them mostly to keep warm. Not until last winter there were more gauze like scarfs appearing everywhere. Since I live in Cali. There is no need for a thick scarf. The gauze like material scarfs are for me. The first one that I received was from forever 21. It was like $8.00. I recently strolled into Walmart to get tolietries and black socks. This is when a spotted their scarf section. They had quite a few to pick from. The two I purchased was a grey and magenta scarf. The material is Viscose. Its extremely soft and light weight. They were only $5.00 a pop! Unfortunately they aren't listing these scarf/wraps online. Its only inside stores. Although this trend will probably be over soon. These scarfs are labeled as wraps. So they be can be used all year around. They are big enough to use as sarongs. The greatest accessory is when you can use it in multiple ways for years to come. Behold the catch of the day.


  1. They have great scarves at Target too!
    To me it's like wearing necklace--I wear them winter, spring, summer, and fall! smile

  2. luvallthingsjcrew I know they are so chic. They just add everything thats missing for an outfit.


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