Friday, August 20, 2010


It’s hard when you work in a professional environment to find the outfit that shows some of your personal style. Since I completely into the fashion world, Sometimes I want to come to work in some crazy stuff that’s not appropriate.

I wear my clothes by how accessible they are to me at the time, functionality, comfort and style. My office doesn’t require us to wear ultra professional attire. We are the “business casual” office. Although we have standards compared to other offices I’ve seen. We might wear flip flops on A casual day but at least we don’t wear the surfer cut off shorts with a sweat shirt.

Since I seem to be the little fashionista of my office I feel the need to turn down the volume on my style. Sometimes I don’t like too much attention. But what the hell, Since I’m starting a new chapter of my life which is going back to school. And since it’s a fashion school, I’m gonna do me. But until I figure out me, Here is one of my work ensembles.

Jacket- INC-$25
Shirt-Faded Glory-$10
Pants-New York & Company-$25
Ring-Internatioal Food Fair OC-$20


  1. I loooove the jewelry :) This outfit is so cute!

    feel free to check out my blog:

  2. love the ring

  3. Thanks girls for the sweet responses. I'll be dropping by your blogs soon. :-)


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