Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Appropriate Attire

Forever 21,
Obviously black, white, silver was the theme of the night for our outfits for one of our many nights spent in Vegas. Yes Vegas again. I've been there more then ever these past couple of years. I never get enough. Its so much to see and do there each time. Such a small part of a hugh desert filled state but its jammed packed with options of fun and excitement. We stayed at Planet Hollywood this time. A very swanky place to stay. Its really amazing. It even has a mall inside. I had to stop by Sephora of course. But they have every luxury brand imagineable in Vegas. Its a fashionista's dream come true. I wish I could have downloaded the raw file for you. For some reason blogger is having another tantrum with me.  But the dress I'm wearing was purhcased on Its one of my favorite online stores now. I purchased quite a few dresses for this trip. Plus there was a 30% promo code in the back of my lucky magazine which made the purhase even sweeter. :-)


  1. love the dress! I've never been to vegas but it sounds like so much fun!

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  2. Linday, you must go when you get a chance too. Take lots of pictures too. Its a whole nother world in Vegas. :-)


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