Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ooo la la! So perfect and cheap!

I walked into Nordstrom on a crazy shopping extravaganza that lasted
three hours in heels! Yes say it with me Ouch! Then I deliriously
wandered into Nordstrom. OMG! They are having their anniversary sale.
Saw this cute saddle cross over bag. Only $59 orginally $80 ish
something. Okay good deal!!! But I walked away! Then it came to me
last week I saw a saddle baggish cross over thingy at my Local TargeƩ!
Only $22 bucks darlings. I wish it had a built in wallet on the inside
flap! To leave me more room inside. But besides that... it's a deal. I'm
into small bags right now. It's so hot! That a big bag creates more
heat! I don't know. Small bags for summer seem light and just plain

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