Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rachel Roy's New Line for Macy's

Rachel Rachel Roy- The new line for Macy's

This new line Designed by Rachel Roy is amazing. The line is
creatively designed for women who want to be professionally dressed
but want a touch of style. Every piece is a closet staple that will
add a bit flare to any womans wardrobe. Here are my favorites.


  1. a friend was telling me how nicely done this line is. if i weren't on a shopping diet i would check it out.

  2. simplychic

    I want to go check it out but I would difinitely buy this silver party dress in her collection, its amazing. Maybe I'll wait for it to go on sale! Its good to be on a shopping diet every now and then. Since you are a shoe buyer that must be hard to do! That would be my dream job. Do you get to see actual samples of shoes and even try them on!? :)

  3. The thing is I buy comfort shoes, so for the most part it's nothing that I would wear. I do see samples. Vendors bring them in the office, I go to shoe shoes, and we have a massive shoe sample room at work. It would be much more glamorous if I were buying stuff I would wear. Hopefully one day I will get there :)


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