Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2010 Oscar Dresses

The 2010 Academy Awards better known as the Oscars was on ABC Sunday night. I did not watch the whole show because I was anxious to watch Hurt Locker. Which was a really good movie but not better than Avatar. But I was able to catch all the good and funny moments. I saw Monique's beautiful acceptance speech. The tear jerking Oscar presentation for actors that had passed away. I also saw Ben Stiller's awkward and funny moment dressed up as a Navi from Avatar. Sandra Bullocks heart felt moment accepting her award. I did are some beautiful dresses Sunday night. I'm not sure if I was swept of my feet. I think everyone went to the same stylist or everyone was on the vibe of either structured dresses or flowey feminine old Hollywood look. Here are some of my favorite pics.


  1. it was a really great show with amazing dresses!

  2. Asterisque-It was really fun this year for
    me because I had actually seen most
    of the movies that were nominated. Plus there were
    some new nominees as well.


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