Thursday, April 23, 2009

Snake In??? The Ava Flat In Snakeskin

I just saw these Beautiful snake skin shoes made by Martin & Osa. I've been looking for some cute black flats that are a little unique. They are around $60 bucks.They also have them in gray as well! This is one color that I need in my wardrobe. Oh the best part is they have a 20% coupon offer but it expries April 28th!!!
Enter Promotion Code 50533437In Your Shopping BagOr Print Offer To Use In Stores


  1. These shoes are SOOO me!

  2. luvallthingsjcrew just get these shoes! So I can know that someone I know is enjoying these cute shoes. I'm still debating, maybe I'll wait for another coupon???

  3. You are a cutie pie! smile I have a few shoes just like this...but I'll think about getting these--the more I look at them their appeal keeps growing on me...but I am on a self induced "shopping ban" for the month of May...


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