Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sugar Lips Satin Shift Dress-Sequin Racerback Dress-Sequin Soiree Dress

There are two places in the United States of America where you can get away with wearing anything: Las Vegas and New York City. I want to be fashion forward, shiny and fabulous at the same time. But I don't want to be gaudy or over done. Here are my picks for my upcoming Vegas trip. I think they are all very cute. Plus they won't be so tight that I won't be able to breathe. I love loose fitting clothes that are still sexy ans cute. I think these definitly fit. The Sugar Lips dress to the right is over $50. But is so worth it for the material, design and look. The floral print zipper in the back might be a deal breaker for me. Thankfully I looked at the back picture. I'm unsure about this creative addition to the dress. But it does break up all that color. The other two dresses are under $50. Which of course is more affordable but I'm scared about the sequins falling off. I need help!!!


  1. wow, thanks for the comment,
    we nearly have the same blog name!

  2. Cute~loveee the picture in your heading!


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