Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wow!!! Silence and Noise Ruffle Knit Dress

Silence & Noise Ruffle Knit Dress

I purchased this dress at Urban Outfitters in Las Vegas in a gorgeous blue. I went back to the hotel and the dress had a stain on it. I wore it anyway beacuse I figured its night time and no one will see it anyway. Well since the dress was around $78 bucks because it was silk I took it back to get an exchange but they didn't carry this dress at all in the San Diego store. Then online they didn't have it in my size. So I have a dilema I abolutely love the cut of this dress. SHould I buy the polyester version anyway. Black is classic color and can be wore anywhere and everywhere. What do you guys think. This version of the dress is $58 bucks. I'm watching my old Tyra Show episodes and this is the color I'm talking about. I took the pic with my ipjone so its not the best quality this gives you an idea!


  1. sure the Polyester sometimes has the feel of silk and will wear well...if you love the style of this dress--which from all indications you do--then don't let it slip aways!

  2. Heyyy gurrrl! Did you get the dress you loved above???


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