Monday, June 1, 2009

Bag hag is my name:Hype Lara Drawstring Leather Tote

Okay so I promised myself that after I bought my "The Sak Asbury bag in Teak" that I wouldn't buy another bag for a year. But I lucked out and found this bag for $60 at Marshalls. Well I want another leather bag for everyday. Thats big and stylish. I found it! Its only $79 bucks!!! Should I or should I wait. What do you guys think??? Here is my beauty:


  1. hmm if you have more money to be spend. this will be okay. but if you still have anything else to buy, ya maybe you should wait. hmm it depends on you ;) anyway i love the drawstring part.

  2. I think that bag is smoookhin hot!


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