Monday, June 15, 2009

I found them!!! Michael Kors Berkley T Strap

When I went to Las Vegas with some friends. I was so tired from the night before. Well my feet were tired too! Actually they were mad at me and went on strike. My friend placed these gorgeous shoes on the dresser. I wanted to wear them because they were so cute. Plus i wanted to give my feet a rest. But she wouldn't let me borrow them. Honestly I don't think I would let anyone borrow these babies either. They are $129. They are so worth it. I wish they were at DSW so I could use my coupon.


  1. im regretting this yellow michael kors bag i was posed to get b4 i travelled to africa.. twas so sexy... and now its no more.. cant find it in anystores.. discounted or otherwise.. so snap this up while u can hunny... love ur blog(or have i said that already lol and thanks for stopping by the blog)

  2. THANK YOU - for following the independant fashion review however as do seasons blogs change to. i would now like it if yu began to follow my new blog - thank yu for yur time


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