Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Accessory Report: Chain Bracelets

If you haven't noticed this year. There is a lot of rocker, edgy, leather, gothicish type designs hitting the stores. Just walk through Forever 21, they have tons of the above. This year this style became a little more marketable because the designs are versatile enough to pair them with softer pieces. I believe the leather or leatherish leggings started this whole look. Of course the orginal inspiration came from the 60s, 70s and 80s hard core rock styles. Those that dress this way regularly are the real pioneers. But for some reason fashionitas are liking this edgy look. So am I! Black, white, silver and gold are one of my all time favorite go to pairings. Its chic and classic at the same time. Above I've put together my favorite chain bracelets that are twined with metal or fabric. These bracelets are on my "I want list!" They definietely give your outfit that extra edge.


  1. Asterisque- Thanks so much! I want to find the orginal and frame it.


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