Monday, December 21, 2009

American Apparel Rummage Sale

Thanks to my good friend Karen L. She told me about the American Apparel rummage sale. She is currently a student at FIDM San Diego. She found out by flyers and posters plastered all over her school.

We did not expect that many people to show up. The sale started at 9:30 a.m. We thought the line might be simlar to H&M store opening or a line in front of the store. We showed up at 9:45 and the line was around the corner down the block!. We waited for three hours in line for this sale. We had some much needed girl talk that we did, so it was worth it. I found so many great items! Here is one of my all time favorites that I purchased.
OversizedScoop Back Fringe MiniOversizedScoop Back Fringe Mini
I paid $10.00!!!

This sale was amazing. I will definitely be attending next year extra early. I never realized how American Apparel basics can be styled up so well. I'm definitely a new fan. Plus their products are made in the USA, which is a rarity these days. They actually don't have a sweatshop working enviroment and pay decent wages to their employees. Yeah to American Apparel for that!

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