Monday, December 28, 2009

Shop in your closet

I recently have come to realization that sooner or later my poles in my closet are going to collapse. I've taken items out of my drawers constantly, I taken things out of my closet and I still keep adding on and on. I've decided to try and limit myself to only a new item every two weeks instead of once a week. And it has to be a needed basic or something that I can't live without! Or the question I ask my friends when we shop"Will you dream about it?" So I'm trying to use more items already in my closet to put together new outfits. Its really fun coming up with interesting and creative things to wear out of my own closet! I'm up to date on a lot of trends. Accessories are a must for surviving this experiment. A few signature pieces that you love will definitely enhance your outfit. The picture below was taken a few weeks ago. I wanted to remember the outfit because I absolutely loved it and came up with it right before work. I will try to post more picks of myself but I need a tripod or I have to get ready before my boyfriend leaves for work! My office is very business casual. So I can get away with a lot. But I like dressing up more on the business side and adding a little bit of creativity so it isn't so boring and stuffy! Let me know what you think!

White Long Sleeve Shirt-$12.99-H&M
Charcoal Vest-$9.99-Forever 21
Indigo Blue Boyfriend Cardigan-$15.99-Forever 21
Blue/Gray Pants-$25.00-New York & Company
Cheetah print viscose scraf-$9.99- Everything $10 Store(FYI In every Las Vegas hotel)
Animal Print Bracelet-$5.99-H&M


  1. I love coming up with new looks from my closet! It really makes you realize how much we really have all we need ;)

  2. Simplychic-It makes you appreciate the things you own more. I buy pieces with the intent to wear them in different combos but it doesn't quite work that way! I'm going to stick with it! I'm having fun!

  3. Tali-Its one of my favorites too!

  4. Love this!! I try to do the same.. as MOst of the week I'm dressing for Work.. and it does get a bit boring after awhile! and Yes, shop within your closet!


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